Uniloy Blowmold Pick and Place Unit

Increase blowmolder output

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The equipment will pick untrimmed containers lying on a blowmolding cooling bed and reliably transfer them into the trimmer buckets.  If the trimmer buckets are not clear the containers will then automatically be transferred into bins on the end of the cooling bed, resulting in minimal jams in the trimmer.  The unit is completely mounted on the cooling bed with no legs to obstruct access. 

Why Choose Dyco

  • Reduce jams in transfer buckets & trimmers
  • Complete self contained unit interfaces with Uniloy controls
  • Mounts on existing cooling bed, no legs to obstruct access

Pick and Place on a 4-head F-Style Gallon

Pick and Place on an 8-head Dairy Tall Quart

Pick and Place on a 6-head Dairy 1/2 Gallon

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