Semi-Automatic Bottle Bulk Palletizing

Why Choose Dyco

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    Single Lane Half-High Palletizer

    The Single Lane Half-High Palletizer is typically used to form arrays of containers from small unstable rounds up to one gallon containers. The containers are conveyed into the machine, isolated into rows, and side pushed into an array. The containers are stabilized and guided during the transfer process to ensure the array is maintained and containers do not tip over. Once the array is in position, the operator places a new slipsheet for the next level. The Single Lane Half-High Palletizer is a cost effective container handling solution as compared to hand palletizing. Let Dyco Inc be your automation partner.

    Why Choose Dyco

    • Cost effective alternative to hand palletizing
    • Large range of applicable bottles

    Complete load exiting

    View from entrance side

    View from exit side

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