Table Top Conveyor Drives & Idlers

Dyco table top drives are available in the following widths: 3.25", 4.5", 7.5", 10", 12".  Drives are manufactured with aluminum or painted steel construction. We also offer a wide range of guide rails to fit the application; fixed railing , adjustable, quick adjustable, single stainless steel rail, double extruded rail, UHMW coated, UHMW with stainless steel backing single or double.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Dyco gear boxes utilize a bladder with in the gearbox housing, this bladder reduces the risk of failures, leaking
  • Dyco's drive units have a custom engineered roller chain take-up eliminating the need to use half links, or to cut a link out the tension roller chain
  • All drives have robust inverter duty motors, ready to add a VFD

7 1/2

7 1/2" Table-top drive unit conveying a 5 gallon polycarbonate container

3 1/4

3 1/4" Table top drive unit

Overhead Table-top Conveyor Idler installed at the exit of a Side Grip Elevator

Overhead table-top conveyor idler installed at the exit of a side grip elevator

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