Bidi Accumulation Table

Bidi accumulation tables

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The bidirectional accumulation table is specifically designed for round, square or rectangular containers. Empty or full, Dyco can design the right accumulation table for your plastic container handling application needs. Containers will enter the machine single file and flow straight through the infeed conveyor to your end of line equipment. Once the line starts to back up, a gate will close and containers will begin to be indexed on the mat top accumulation table. When the end of line equipment starts back up the conveyor will send the containers straight thru until there are gaps in the line and then the mat top accumulation system will index the containers back on line as needed until empty again.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Inline accumulation for square and rectangular containers
  • Designed for ease of use and operator access
  • Efficient use of space for storage accumulation

Bidi accumulation tables

BIDI Table

bidi pack out accumulation table

BIDI / Pack Out Table

accumulation table height adjustment

No tools height adjustment options available

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