Robotic Box Palletizing System

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With a Dyco Full Product Robotic Palletizing System you can increase your production capacity and reduce the labor required for manual palletizing.  Typical applications include end of line palletizing of finished goods in a filling plant or end of line palletizing empty bottles in reshipper boxes.  Another patented innovation by Dyco

Why Choose Dyco

  • Reduce the potential of injuries associated with manual palletizing
  • Multifunction end of arm tooling to pick-up different products and slipsheets
  • Easy to use touch screen, your operators don't need to know robot code

Robotic Palletizing Of Full Cases of Milk

Robotic palletizing of full cases of milk

Palletizing Open Top cases of empty bottles

Palletizing open top cases of empty bottles

Palletizing Tray Packs of Single Serve Milk Bottles

Palletizing tray packs of single serve milk bottles

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