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The Practical Way to Move Bundled Bottles

Stacker & Bundle Cart

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Why design and invest in a modern line to convey plastic bottles only to lose efficiency (and bottles!) moving bundles one at a time by hand? Whether loading or unloading a trailer, or picking from a warehouse, you can transport bundles more efficiently, and with less damage, with Dyco’s Easy Handler Bundle Cart. Because of today’s variety of bundle configurations, Easy Handler Bundle Carts are available with different size bottom lift plates. The aluminum Bundle Cart is strong, lightweight, and maneuverable, and functions well in close areas common in production environments.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Ergonomically designed, the Easy Handle Bundle Cart will allow your personnel to easily and efficiently move stacks of bundles around your facility while saving labor, reducing fatigue and reducing the risk of injury
  • Designed and manufactured to be a long lasting reliable piece of equipment which will allow a short term pay-back on your investment
  • Custom size bundle carts available upon request

Bundle Cart

Bundle Cart loaded with gallon bottles

Bundle Cart in motion, ergonomic design makes bundle loading easy

Bundle Cart in motion, ergonomic design makes bundle loading easy

Automatic Bagger stacking on a Bundle Cart

Automatic bagger stacking on a bundle cart

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