Model 2010 Semi Auto Bottle Bagger

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The model 2010 Semi-Auto Bottle Bagger is typically used to bag square and rectangular containers such as dairy gallons. The containers are conveyed or gravity fed into the machine, isolated into rows, and side pushed into an array.  Once the accumulation chamber is filled, the containers are automatically pushed into a plastic bag. The open end of the bag is then sealed with a heat-sealing process. The bag insertion process involves an operator manually placing a plastic bag on guides and initiating the sealing process, once the containers are pushed into the bag.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Dyco baggers were the first and continue to be the best option on the market
  • Excellent operator and maintenance access to the machine
  • Dual cylinder sealing design for consistent bundle sealing

Model 2010 Semi-Autobagger System

Array building and sealing areas

2010 shown with deadslide infeed

Model 2010 semi-auto bottle bagger shown with deadslide infeed

Large access doors for ease of use and maintenance

Large access doors for ease of use and maintenance

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