Model 2020 Semi Auto Bottle Bagger

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The model 2020 Semi-Auto Bottle Bagger is typically used to bag small unstable round and square containers such as 16 oz. single serve bottles. The containers are conveyed into the machine, isolated into rows, and side pushed into an array.  Once the accumulation chamber is filled, the containers are automatically pushed into a plastic bag. The open end of the bag is then sealed with a heat-sealing process. The bag insertion process involves an operator manually placing a plastic bag on guides and initiating the sealing process, once the containers are pushed into the bag.

Why Choose Dyco

  • The Dyco Model 2020 Semi-Auto Bottle Bagger is easily adjustable for 8 oz. to 32 oz containers in full pack and ½ pack configurations
  • Integrated stabilizer bar in the array building chamber to ensure small unstable containers do not fall over and maintain the array integrity
  • Touch pad control panel with onscreen diagnostics and alarms make for ease of operation and change over

Model 2020 Semi-Autobagger System

Model 2020 semi-auto bottle bagger running dairy tall quarts

Model 2020 Semi Auto Bottle Bagger Stabilizer

Array of PET containers shown in the accumulation chamber with stabilizer bar to prevent tip-overs

Model 2020 Semi Auto Bottle Bagger Operator touchpad

Operator touch pad to easily select and modify bottle recipes

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