Nissei Blowmold Take-Away

Reliability and Ease of Change Over

Nissei Blowmold take-away

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Specially designed for Nissei Drop Style Blowmolders for upright orientation into leak-testers, labeling machines, and entry into palletizers, box loaders, tray-packs or hand pack operations. Servo motors for smooth function, with quick change tooling for multiple heads, and touch screen programming for up to 150 recipes. Completely mobile to work with multiple, similar blowmolders, changeover can be completed in as little as five minutes. A cost effective solution for orienting containers for downstream processes such as leak testing or automated packaging.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Proven in the field with multiple units in place with positive customer feedback
  • Far superior in reliability over Pneumatic driven units
  • Quick change head tooling for easy change over between containers
  • Easily programmable for different containers with a teach mode to jog to each set point and record the location

Nissei Blowmold Take-Away touch screen control

Touchscreen operator control

Nissei Blowmold take-away is a Modular and Mobile unit

Nissei Blowmold take-away Modular and Mobile unit that can be moved between lines

Nissei Blowmold take-away

Placing of 14 Unstable Containers

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