Pallet Dispenser

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Pallet Dispenser Loading Area with Safety Light Curtain

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Dyco pallet dispensers are designed to handle all standard pallet sizes and can be modified to accommodate custom pallet loading. It includes a 20 plus pallet magazine which is easily accessible from all sides. This product is completely manufactured, assembled, and tested in-house. Dyco's pallet dispenser can be purchased as a stand alone unit or fully integrated into a Palletizing System.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Open loading design allows for easy access and forklift removal of top pallets to clear a jam from a broken board
  • One of the safest pallet dispensers on the market with full guarding and a light curtain for safe operation.
  • Pull Chain light curtain reset allows for quick loading by a forklift operator.
  • Pallets guides allows for a 20 plus pallet capacity which cuts down on operator loading time.

Pallet Dispenser set to side discharging

Pallet Discharger (seen left) as part of complete Bottle Bagging and Stacking System

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