Robotic Bagged Bottle Palletizing

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Overview of Robotic Cell

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The Dyco Robotic Bagged Bottle Palletizer was developed to stack bags of empty bottles produced by a Dyco Autobagger to prepare for shipment or storage. Unlike the Rotary Stacker system, this robotic machine can palletize multiple bundles per layer, maximizing pallet capacity. The system can handle multiple lines simultaneously, even with different products running.  Pallets can be fed using one of Dyco’s Pallet Dispensers, or picked and placed from a bin using Dyco designed end of arm tooling.  Bundles are then stacked, with slip sheets between them for stability, until a pre-set count is reached.  Once the stack is complete, a top frame is added before being discharged into a banding or wrapping station.

Blowmolding companies would benefit from a system like this for preparing containers for shipment to fillers or storage in warehouses for later usage.  The KUKA™ Robotics industrial arm can handle any bottle size and the high versatility of robotics means it can adapt to ever changing products, even ones that haven’t even been developed yet!

Why Choose Dyco

  • Reduces work place injuries from repetitive motion injuries due to manual palletizing
  • Easy to use control panel means your operators do not have to learn specialized robotics code for product changeovers and emergency stop resets
  • Capable of handling multiple bottle sizes and conveyor lines at once
  • Robotic head is designed to handle bottles, slip sheets, top covers, and pallets without changing tooling

Cloe Up of End of Arm Tooling

Cloe Up of End of Arm Tooling

View from pallet discharge side

View from pallet discharge side

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