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Robotic arm stacking boxes for palletizing

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With our Robotic Open Flap Box Palletizing System, you can now palletize boxes full of bottles for shipment.  This cell is capable of stacking boxes with major flaps folded in and minor flaps out.  Once complete, a half-high "cube" of boxes is ejected and ready for strapping and removal by a fork truck.  The machine is even capable of inverting the topmost boxes to create a flat, perfectly stackable end product for shipment or storage.

Blowmolders would benefit from this because of the labor intensity of manual box stacking.  This robot completely eliminates the repetitive motion, preventing workplace injuries.  Our systems can be adapted to fit any bottle or box size in any height or pallet configuration to best fit your needs.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Easy to use touch screen controls means less training and faster changeovers
  • Robotic systems allow for a versatile unit which can be adapted to new products or configurations
  • Multiple cells can be combined for faster pallet formation

Overview of Robotic Stacking Cell

Overview of Robotic Stacking Cell

Robot stacking boxes between flaps for stability

Robot stacking boxes between flaps for stability

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