Robotic Cap & Spout Inserting

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Scara 4-Axis Robot applying pour spout

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Dyco’s Robotic Cap and Spout Inserting systems include integrated cap and spout feed systems, bottle handling and positioning, and an integrated Kuka SCARA robot for precision cap and spout placement.  Many options are available for additional cap and spout storage and loading.  The systems are very flexible with easy change over between current and future products.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Precision robotic spout and cap placement yielding a consistent quality product
  • Significant reduction in labor requirements and possible repetitive injuries
  • Extremely flexible and easy to set up for new products

Scara robot applying over caps

Scara robot applying over caps

Robotic Spout Inserter

Robotic Spout Inserter applying pour spout to detergent bottle

Cap Elevator

Cap storage bin and cap elevator feeding an integrated cap sorter bowl

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