Roll-Out Accumulation Table

Roll-Out accumulation table live backer belt

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Containers will flow through the accumulation table single file to your end of line equipment. When the line backs up, the accumulation table will begin to accumulate keeping your up line machinery running. When the end of line equipment starts back up, our live backer belt will assist in single filing the containers until the table is empty again.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Specifically designed for large or small round containers
  • Single, double or triple infeed can be incorporated with single or dual discharge depending on your application
  • This accumulation table can be used as a mass flow combiner

Roll-Out accumulation table live backer belt

Live backer belt to assist in single filing of containers

Roll-Out accumulation table

Dual Infeed and Dual Discharge Rollout Accumulator

Inline Rollout Accumulation Table

Inline Rollout Accumulation Table

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