Rotary Stacker Palletizing System

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Take advantage of complete automation by having your bundles stacked with our Rotary Stacker Palletizing System.  The stacker picks up bundles of bagged bottles and stacks them for transport to the warehouse or loading into a truck.   Stackers are available as an integrated system with a Dyco auto bagger or as a stand alone unit added to an existing bagger.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Systems have a robust control system with touch screen operator control to vary stack heights for different bottles
  • Precision servo driven motion, far superior to other AC motor driven stackers with pressure activated stops that damage bottles

rotary stacker palletizing system

Rotary Stacker Palletizing System stacking dairy gallon bundles

Rotary Stacker with slip sheet insertion

Rotary Stacker Palletizing System placing slip sheets between layers

Rotary Stacker sorting bundles

Rotary Stacker Palletizing System sorting bundles

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