Crossover Stairs & Utilization Platforms

We offer a great solution for accessing those hard to reach spots.

crossover stairs for conveyor

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Maximize your space while creating a safer work environment for your staff with Dyco's Crossover Stairs, Utilization Platforms, and Unit Loading Stations. Dyco's platforms and stairs are constructed with diamond plate allowing for a resistance to slipping without the risk of anything falling through and contaminating or damaging product underneath. They also arrive fully assembled. The Dyco Unit Loading Station houses all operators within safety guide rails. Dyco engineers will design an ergonomically correct unit especially for your operation and are designed to reduce injuries related to repetitive motion.

Why Choose Dyco

  • Let Dyco's product line of Crossover Stairs and Utilization Platforms improve the efficiency and safety of you workers and work environment
  • With Dyco's strong engineering team and design capabilities, the fully assembled crossover stairs and Utilization Platforms are ready to install into your production environment without any additional time needed for assembly
  • Standard designs for most table-top bottle conveyors
  • Custom designs available for your specific application
  • Heavy duty painted steel construction
  • All tread plates and platforms are diamond plate for a safe, non-slip work area

Crossover Stairs over Box Conveyor

Crossover Stairs over Box Conveyor

Stainless Steel construction available

Stainless Steel construction available

Work Platforms

Work Utilization Platform

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