Dyco - Innovative plastic container handling systems

When searching for the best and most comprehensive automated plastic container handling systems, Dyco will provide the solution. Dyco has decades of experience handling all types of plastic containers, cable conveyors, and table top conveyors. Dyco can provide you with single source responsibility for your entire plastic container handling system.

Dyco’s philosophy is simple – provide the most value to the customer.

We do this by focusing on:

  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to safety
  • Dyco spends over 150% more on research and development than the average packaging machinery manufacturer
  • Implementation of high quality, reliable systems
  • On time delivery and installation of our systems
  • Caring for our employees and our customer’s success

Our application specialists start the process by gathering critical information from the customer to design a solution specific to their needs. Dyco's outstanding engineering department will work with our applications, fabrication, and assembly teams to build the system in our facility where our experienced employees take pride in producing a quality product. Only after the system is put through our rigorous testing and safety guidelines is it shipped for installation by our service crew.

Dyco utilizes the latest 3D mechanical design software, a company wide MRP system, PLC programming software, CNC equipment, and advanced laser cutting technologies to provide the value customers have come to expect. We have an impeccable service team that offers turnkey installations and our product line and current designs reflect over three decades of experience and continuous improvement.

When searching for plastic container handling solutions, Dyco’s auto baggers, debaggers, robotic or conventional palletizing cells, robotic box loading cells, annealing units, cable conveyor, table top conveyor, and pallet conveyor will improve your production operation. We have developed plastic container handling systems for many types of industries including dairy, juice, bottled water, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, industrial cleaning materials, food, and food products. Be sure to contact Dyco so we can determine how we can best help you meet your plastic container handling system goals. No other company can deliver exactly what a Dyco plastic container handling system will provide because no other company stands behind their products and systems like Dyco.