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As Dyco Inc. grows, it is an important part of the company culture to hire the most qualified candidates who represent the core values of quality, innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Admittedly, the demographics of Dyco’s engineering department reflect the field as a whole. In a 2018 report published by the National Girls Collaborative Project, it was found that women account for 28% of the science and engineering workforce; a significant increase from roughly 5.8% in the 1980s. In 2020, Dyco is proud to contribute to these growing numbers with our recent female hires for Applications Engineering and Assistant Engineering Manager positions.

“As soon as I walked in the door I could tell there was something different about this place,” says Susan Cook, Applications Engineer about interviewing at Dyco. “There is mutual respect and positive outlook that I have not seen anywhere else.” Cook and fellow Applications Engineer Caitlin Kalsbeek, a 2020 graduate of Bucknell University, were hired at Dyco in June 2020 and after a few weeks of training, have been working diligently on designing custom automation equipment for Dyco customers.  They were joined by Assistant Engineering Department Manager Janelle Holloman in July 2020, a recent graduate of Bloomsburg University. Each cites a supportive and collaborative environment in their reason for joining Dyco, and along with other female co-workers, are excited to be registered to attend the Women Breaking the Mold Virtual Networking Forum held by Plastics News in November.

When asked about the challenges she might face working in a male-dominant environment, Cook said, “Like anywhere else, you have to step up to the plate and prove yourself.” The Wilkes University graduate added, “My university class was 95% male, so automatically as a woman I stuck out. But it did not make me feel any different, and I can say the same at Dyco Inc.” Dyco looks forward to seeing what our new engineering additions can accomplish and the example they may set for the rest of the team, no matter the gender.

From left: Susan Cook, Applications Engineer; Caitlin Kalsbeek, Applications Engineer; Janelle Holloman, Asst. Engineering Manager

From left to right: Susan Cook, Applications Engineer; Caitlin Kalsbeek, Applications Engineer; Janelle Holloman, Asstistant Engineering Manager

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