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Some portions of this article taken from The Wall Street Journal

Dyco Inc. appeared in the November 20 issue of The Wall Street Journal, as the federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate approaches. Small-business owners, like Dyco president, Pete Yohe, are confronting challenges as they prepare for the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

Yohe said he applauds the spirit of the new rules because they encourage vaccinations. “But, I hate the 100-plus mandate, which forces some of our employees to quit and go to smaller companies.”

Under new federal rules, employers with 100 or more workers must ensure employees be fully vaccinated. If not, employees must test negative for COVID-19 at least weekly and wear a mask at work. A federal appeals court temporarily blocked implementation of the rules in response to legal challenges. Meanwhile, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agreed not to begin enforcement pending a court decision. Many business owners are nonetheless preparing for the mandate, set to take full effect on January 4.

Yohe went on to say that, more than 40 of roughly 140 employees at Dyco do not fulfill the vaccination requirement.

In issuing the new standard, OSHA said it was confident that employers with at least 100 employees could implement the requirements quickly. But, the agency said it needed more time to assess smaller employers’ ability to do so as well.

A Labor Department spokesperson said the Occupational Safety and Health Act “provides for an emergency procedure to address a grave danger to employees.” Some businesses that have required vaccinations, however, have seen an increase in hiring and applicants, the spokesperson added.

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About Dyco Inc.

Founded in 1973, Dyco Inc. evolved from the Dairy and Blow Molding industries when a need arose for automated equipment to debag and pack empty plastic bottles for storage and shipment. Today, Dyco is an innovator. Holding multiple patents, Dyco has developed and commercialized equipment and systems, which have defined and set the standard for handling plastic containers. Choose Dyco as your well-established partner for well-engineered solutions customized to improve your operation.