Innovative Plastic Container

Handling Systems

In the realm of material handling, efficiency is paramount. For plants seeking to streamline their processes and bid farewell to cumbersome squeeze trucks, Dyco Inc presents the ultimate solution: the Gaylord or Tote Stacker.

Key Features:

Exclusivity and Uniqueness: The Gaylord or Tote Stacker is a unique piece of equipment that is exclusive to our company.

Seamless Integration with Dyco’s Pallet Conveyor: The flexibility of the Gaylord or Tote Stacker extends further with its ability to function as a standalone system or seamlessly integrate with Dyco’s pallet conveyor.

Build Height: This equipment is designed to ensure seamless transitions into transportation vehicles.

Experience the difference with Dyco Inc’s exclusive Gaylord or Tote Stacker. Contact us today to learn more at or fill out our contact us form here!

Half-High Gaylord or Tote Stacker