How it began...


Founded in 1973, evolved from the Dairy & Blow Molding industries when a need for development of automated equipment to debag & pack empty plastic bottles for storage & shipment.

1974-Dyco developed first Semi-Auto Debagger for double-tier bundles


Dyco developed first Annealing Unit and process for HDPE containers

Develops first single-tier Bundle System for dairy industry

Develops first Semi-Auto Debagger and Bagger for single-tier bundles

Develops first Fully Automatic Bagger for single-tier bundles




Entered Cable Conveyor market & integrates complex PLC controls

Develops first Fully Automatic Debagger for single-tier bundles

Develops Multi-Tower Bulk Palletizer for plastic containers

Moves into new modern plant to accomodate growth




Automates manufaturing with new laser cutter & CNC machines

Partners with Kuka Robotics to offer turnkey robotic container handling systems

Develops first Fully Automatic Bagger for inverted shampoo bottles

Develops innovative Vacuum Head for bulk palletizing plastic containers


Dyco Inc. is an innovator...

We have developed and commercialized equipment and systems which have defined and set the standard for handling plastic containers. 

Dyco Inc. is a low cost producer- We design, fabricate, assemble, program, and test our equipment and conveyor systems in an automated, modern 60,000 sq ft facility headquartered in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Dyco also has an unsurpassed service and installation team that offers turnkey installations and after-sales service.

laser cut metal with Dyco Inc. Logo

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