Annealing HDPE Bottles

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  • model 50 bottle annealing unit
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For over two decades, Dyco has helped manufactures extended control over the natural cure time of bottles.  The process of annealing a bottle completes bottle cure immediately after blow molding containers. This controlled stabilization means bottle volume is consistent with the mold design, and bottles can be sent directly to the filler, surged or bagged-off to storage without concern for further volume changes.

Why Choose Dyco
  • With over 300 installed systems, Dyco is the leader in annealing HDPE containers
  • Dyco not only installs the unit, we also understand how to implement it and train your staff on proper set-up and bottle annealing operation to keep your volumes consistent
  • Consistent annealing of HDPE containers by using precision controls and belt speed feedback, temperature stays within 1 degree

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