Aoki Blowmold Take-Away

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  • Bottles being dropped into wheeled sled
  • Wheeled sled moving bottles from blowmolder
  • Bottles being dropped into wheeled sled
  • Aoki Blowmold Take Away Cell
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Dyco’s Aoki Blowmold Take-Away is specifically designed for use with Aoki style blowmolds. It automates and simplifies the blowmolding process by accepting freshly molded bottles from the blowmold, and outputting them on a single file tabletop conveyor. By using a low profile, servo driven sled that can position itself underneath the blowmold exit, bottles can be dropped into it directly after molding. The sled then slides out of the way where it can drop those bottles down onto the conveyor where they are conveyed out towards downline processes. The system is designed to run continuously and to keep up with full time blowmold operations. This system greatly reduces labor costs and risks associated with dropping fresh bottles into a bin and manually up righting and orienting them.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Fully automated system eliminates labor costs and repetitive motion injuries compared to hand removal
  • Self contained unit is mounted onto casters for relocation between multiple blowmolders
  • Can be programmed for over 100 different recipes for bottle sizes and configurations

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