Model 3725 Autobagger for plastic bottles

  • model 3725 autobagger for plastic bottles
  • If you need to package your bottles neck up & neck down in a bag we've got the solution
  • Optional bag perforation available, for knife free opening of bags
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The Model 3725 Autobagger is the solution for today’s unstable or irregular shaped containers. Using patented technology the model 3725 Autobagger will accept upright empty plastic containers from a single lane table top conveyor. The machine will locate, engage and pick up a row of containers and place them into a pre-specified pattern in the load chamber tray assembly.  The machine is capable of forming arrays with containers neck-up and neck-down.  Once the containers are accumulated into a rectangular array, the array is pushed into a wall of film that wraps around the array and the trailing side of the array is sealed.  The containers are then conveyed into a side sealing area where both sides of the film are tensioned and sealed, forming the bag around the containers with Dyco's unique flat film technology.  Once the bundle is formed it is then conveyed to a pick-up location.  From this position a precision servo driven stacker picks up the bundle, rotates or indexes linearly, and gently places the bundle on a stack. Once a full stack of bundles is accumulated in one of the stack locations a beacon indicator alerts an operator to take away a full bundle stack.  The operator then resets that stack location.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Bagging eliminates expensive corrugated boxes typically used for these types of unstable containers. This patented technology has offered our customers tremendous savings on packaging costs
  • Bagging bottles in a neck-up and neck-down package has the advantage of getting more bottles in the same amount of truck space than tumble packing, typically getting 30% more bottles on a truck
  • Improve end user bottle quality by eliminating scratching of bottles that occurs when tumble packing

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