Model 3728 Autobagger for plastic bottles

Save time and money!

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Dyco's Model 3728 Autobagger provides repeatable changeover for small, unstable, round, and sqaure bottles. Our patented "disappearing" stabilizer forms the array with full container stabilization. Inline design on Dyco's Model 3728 Autobagger maintains bottle orientation and gives flexibility for mulitple pack-out configurations. The “Flat Film Technology” in Dyco's Model 3728 Autobagger saves money, space, and time.
Why Choose Dyco
  • For a fully automatic, turnkey system to pack bottles into a sealed bag
  • For use in the packaging industry, palletizing or stacking for storage or shipment
  • To decrease labor costs and risks and increase throughput of your line as compared to manual bottle packing

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