Automatic Bagging

Let Dyco Automate your Bagging Operation

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Dyco Autobaggers for plastic bottles are the industry standard for their fully automatic operation from bottle entry to discharge and stacking of the finished bundle.  Dyco’s exclusive use of “flat film” technology provides unique advantages over tube style baggers.  Forming the bag with film provides greater flexibility to run multiple size containers in a single machine, and consumes less film per bundle.  A single size film can be used for multiple production lines bagging varying sized containers without the need to inventory multiple sizes of film.  Dyco Autobaggers are designed to run a wide range of containers and provide the best control of unstable containers.  We offer the largest range of bagging equipment on the market to automatically bag bottles from simple applications such as straight sided square dairy gallon bottles through more challenging taper sided oval shampoo bottles.  

Why Choose Dyco
  • Dyco invented the concept of single tier bagging and developed the first baggers. Since then we have stayed ahead of the competition by continuously improving our baggers. We have a proven track record of reliability and commitment to quality.
  • Dyco Autobaggers utilize flat film technology consuming up to 6% less film per bundle and produce a better quality bundle
  • Large range of machine configurations and options, providing the right fit for all Autobagger applications

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