Automatic Bottle Bulk Palletizing

Fast & Efficient Palletizing

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Dyco's Automatic Bottle Bulk Palletizing solutions accomodate a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes. Innovative head tooling handles products percisely and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing manpower expenses. Dyco's Automatic Bottle Bulk Palletizing systems are an economical and effective option when considering solutions to palletizing empty bottles. Through the variety of options Dyco has available, you'll find the automatic palletizing system that best fits the needs of your operation. 
Why Choose Dyco
  • Increase line throughput as compared to manual palletizing
  • Decrease labor costs/risks
  • Head tooling is capable of handling bottles, slip sheets, top frames, and pallets
  • Variety of options offered to meet your budget needs
  • Flexibility to palletize a wide range of containers
  • Decades of experience in the plastics industry
  • Access to solutions with patented technology
  • Fully automatic, turnkey systems