Automatic Debagging

Patented technology that just works!

  • Model 2912 debagging 2.5 Gallon Water containers
  • Juice Containers in Stripping Chamber
  • Automatic bottle debagging
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Dyco's Automatic Debagger loads bundles of bagged containers and removes the bag utilizing a patented process developed by Dyco.  Bundles are picked from a stack by a precision servo motor-driven de-stacker, rotated or indexed linearly, and loaded into the automatic debagger. Once loaded, the bags are automatically removed from the containers, which are then transferred onto a mat top accumulation conveyor. The containers travel down the conveyor to the discharge point where they are indexed in single file onto an exit conveyor utilizing a side mounted wiper mechanism and table top conveyor.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Patented bag stripping process ensures truly automatic operation
  • Large capacity enclosed scrap bin with compression pusher
  • Container hold down and pressure release mechanisms on discharge end of machine to ensure container orientation is maintained and prevent jams

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