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Blow Mold Take-Away

Blow Mold Take-Away Systems

Automate and simplify the blow molding process by accepting freshly molded bottles with one of Dyco’s versatile blow mold take-away systems.

Blow Mold Take-Aways


Dyco's Model 3710 Automatic Bottle Bagger

Nissei™ Blow Mold Take-Away

Specially designed for Nissei™ Drop Style Blow Molders for upright orientation into leak-testers, labeling machines, and entry into palletizers, box loaders, tray-packs or hand pack operations.

  • Mobile, self-contained unit for easy movement between blow molders
  • Far superior in reliability over pneumatic driven units
  • Easily programmable for different containers with a “teach mode” to jog each set point and record the location

Aoki™ Blow Mold Take-Away

Removes fresh bottles from Aoki™ style blow molders and outputs them upright on a table top conveyor, with quick change tooling available for multiple products.

  • Castors included for easy relocation between multiple molding lines
  • Precision servos and bearing provide accurate and consistent bottle drop off without
  • Easily programmable for more than 100 different recipes for bottle sizes and configurations

Uniloy™ Pick and Place

Specifically engineered to remove bottles from a Uniloy™ blow molder and output onto a single file conveyor for trimming, the Uniloy™ Pick and Place mounts onto an existing cooling bed, with no legs to obstruct access.

  • Completely self-contained unit
  • Easily adapted for a wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes
  • If trimmer buckets are not clear, system will place molding aside into bins to avoid molder shutdown

Robotic Vision Guided Blow Mold Take-Away

Dyco’s patent-pending VGRB Take-Away for Bekum™ accepts randomly oriented plastic containers from a bulk conveyor straight out of a blow molder or any down line process using highly accurate industrial robotic tooling for bottle pick and placement.

  • Built-in accumulation handles minor stoppages without shutting down the blow molder
  • Gross product deformation detection and ejection system sorts misshaped bottles
  • Change products with a simple-to-use HMI interface

Custom Blow Mold Take-Out Solutions

Dyco has offered many custom solutions for customers with specific needs. In this case, our customer in the beverage industry had to move a high temperature bottle with orientation and flashing challenges. Dyco provided a high temperature conveyor to allow the container to cool, and a robotic solution to properly manage the container into the trimmer infeed.