Innovative Plastic Container

Handling Systems

Bottle Bulk Storage Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes the labor and time associated with hand-loading bottles for orientation
  • Washable bulk bottle bin
  • Food safe, FDA-approved plastic sheet or polymer walls protect and contain bottles
  • Access panels and viewing ports allow monitoring of bottles as they are loaded and unloaded

Bottle Bulk Storage Systems


If you blow mold or fill small containers, such as pint or quart plastic bottles, ask about Dyco’s Mini-Bin or Mega-Bin bulk bottle storage and retrieval systems. Take advantage of our innovative and cost-effective design. Count on Dyco to engineer and optimize a system to meet your bottle, line speed, and accumulation specifications.


Mobile Mini-Bin Bottle Bulk Storage Systems

The Mobile Mini-Bin Bottle Bulk Storage System minimizes the labor associated with unloading containers into a descrambler. The system requires no materials, such as plastic film or banding, used in other shipping or storage methods. Integrated casters make the Mobile Mini-Bin easy to move around and stored in a warehouse or shipped to another facility for filling.


Mega-Bin Bottle Bulk Storage Systems

Mega-Bin Bottle Bulk Storage Systems maintain your usable floor space as their tall height and small footprint makes for efficient use of space when storing your product. Automated door systems allow for precision unloading on a mass flow conveyor, while automated, PLC-controlled feeding systems optimize storage and downline feeding.

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