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The industry leader in

The industry leader in

Mat Top Conveyor
and Accumulation Tables

Dyco utilizes all types and construction of Mat Top Conveyor and guide rail systems to convey all types of bottles in various ways. Meanwhile, our mass flow Mat Top Accumulation Tables provide an economical solution to the problem of moving small bottles that tend to tip over easily.

Mat Top Conveyor

Mat Top Conveyor

For the mass flow of nearly any product, make Dyco’s Mat Top Conveyor your first choice. Available as a stand-alone unit or integrated into other Dyco products, customize the Mat Top Conveyor with many different materials. This includes a stainless steel option for washdown environments.

  • Available in curved or straight sections to meet all process needs
  • Used for individual bottles, mass flow, bundles, boxes, trays, or cases

Accumulation Tables for Mat Top Conveyor

Bidi Accumulation Table

The Bidirectional Accumulation Table is specifically designed for round, square, or rectangular containers. The inline conveyor accumulation provides an uniterrupted flow of bottles between machines. Meanwhile, the conveyor is not interrupted if the bottles are moving downline. Empty or full, Dyco can design the perfect accumulation table for your plastic container handling application needs.

  • Inline accumulation for square or rectangular containers
  • Designed for ease of use and operator access
  • Efficient use of space for storage accumulation

Fifo Accumulation Table

The First In First Out Accumulation Table is specially engineered for square or rectangular containers. Containers will enter the machine in a single file and be side-pushed onto a Mat Top Accumulation Table conveyor. Once on the Accumulation Table, containers are conveyed to the discharge while maintaining the same orientation.

  • Bottles exit Accumulation Table in the order they entered
  • Perfect for labeling, filling, or other processes that require maintaining bottle orientation

Rollout Accumulation Table

Ideal for large or small round containers, the Rollout Accumulation Table provides accumulation with a small footprint. The low pressure indexer helps funnel round bottles into a single row for discharge. It comes available with single, double, or triple conveyor inputs and up to two conveyor outputs.

  • Includes side-mounted backer belt to prevent jams
  • Used as a mass flow combiner