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Side-Grip Elevator

Features and Benefits of the Side-Grip Elevator and Lowerator

  • Incorporated D-Rings for safer rigging
  • Available in painted steel or stainless steel construction
  • Upgrades available for adjustable width, digital readout, and push-button width change-over
  • Optional split frame design for penetrating ceilings and floors

Side-Grip Elevator and Lowerator

Use a Dyco Side-Grip Elevator or Lowerator to vertically change elevation within a small footprint. Used worldwide, typical applications for the Side-Grip Elevator and Lowerator include elevating PET containers from the blow molding area and lowering the bottle in the washdown area of the filling room. Other applications include full product and squat packs of containers.

Save time by incorporating the adjustable crank system and digital adjustment readout on the Side-Grip Elevator or Lowerator for accurate and quick change-over every time. Eliminate rod slides or airveyors and save bottle damage or scuffing with the soft rubber gripping mechanism of Dyco’s Side-Grip Elevator or Lowerator.

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