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Automatic Bottle Debagging

Automatic Bottle Debagging

Automatic Bottle Debagging

Dyco’s automatic bottle debagging machines are truly automatic, requiring little more than the positioning of stacks of bundled bottles beside the system, the occasional removal of spent bags from a large built-in scrap bin, and system monitoring using a touch screen control station.

Dyco Inc.'s Automatic Debagging machine for removing plastic bottles from bundles or bags

Automatic Bottle Debagging – Model 2912

Dyco’s automatic bottle debagging system includes our patented bag-stripping process to ensure your system operates efficiently. Bundles are loaded into the automatic debagger using a precision servo motor-driven de-stacker. There, the bags are removed and the containers are transferred onto a mat top conveyor. Finally, the containers are discharged and indexed seamlessly into your system.
  • Container hold down and pressure release mechanisms to prevent jams and ensure container orientation
  • Large capacity enclosed scrap bin with compression pusher
  • Operator only required to place stacks of bundles beside the machine

Automatic Bottle Debagging Options:

To further enhance your productivity, ask us about one of these add-on options to your automatic bottle debagging operation.

90-Degree Infeed

Save valuable shop floor space by designing your automatic bottle debagging machine with the 90-degree infeed option. The footprint is compacted while maintaining the same quality and features as a regular automatic bottle debagging machine.

Row Puffer

The row puffer blows clean, filtered air into the neck of each bottle prior to discharge. The row puffer comes available on both automatic and semi-automatic bottle debagging systems.

Give us a call to discuss what automatic bottle debagging options will work best for your application!