Bottle Throttle - Round Poly Belt

Dyco is the innovator in equipment design and fabrication

  • Mini Bottle Throttle
  • Width adjustment crank available
  • Bottle Throttle
  • Bottle Throttle wheel and belt assembly maintains bottle stability
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The Dyco Bottle Throttle is used in many different applications with our products.  Stabilizing bottles during transfer across tabletop conveyor sections, bottle braking, bottle spacing, controlling line speed, as well as combining and dividing.  The simple, yet durable side gripping belts are easy to adjust for bottle height, bottle width, and conveyor speeds.  Changeovers can be made easier with optional crank and measurement readout systems. They are configurable for any container size and can be integrated onto your current line as a completely stand-alone unit.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Many configurations to meet your bottle sizing and requirements
  • Variable speed motors, ranging from low cost DC motors to higher precision AC options, which can match conveyor line speeds and help prevent back ups
  • Adjustablility options to quickly change products for increased versatility

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