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Collaborative Robotic Solutions

Dyco’s collaborative robotic solutions help keep your workers safe and decrease the risk of repetitive motion injuries. Whether you’re palletizing empty bottles into trays or loading bottles into boxes, safety sensors stop or change modes of the machine, which eliminates the need for physical fencing.

Dyco’s collaborative robotic solutions increase throughput as compared to manual solutions. Change products easily with a simple-to-use HMI interface, while the recipe-driven programming makes adding new products easy.

The space-saving designs reduce footprint without compromising capability, which allows your operators to increase productivity. Versatile and custom-engineered head tooling can handle many container types, while the Robotic Bulk Box Loader will accommodate different box sizes.

Dyco’s collaborative robotic solutions are designed for easy relocation and can be moved between lines as needed with a pallet jack or forklift. For a fully collaborative, turnkey robotic solution, turn to the experts at Dyco!

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