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Red Line
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Conveyor Catalog

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Dyco introduces a conveyor catalog for its innovative Red Line Aluminum Table Top Bottle Conveyor product line. The conveyor catalog provides access to the world-class Red Line system which includes “quick-ship” labeled components.


The Red Line Aluminum Table Top Bottle Conveyor will provide noticeable differences within your operation. The Red Line conveyor system is designed for long runs and minimized chain surging, with virtually no gap between chains on drive/idler transfers. As a result, this benefit ensures consistent bottle transfer.


Not only does our conveyor catalog include our innovative Red Line Aluminum Table Top Bottle Conveyor line, but it also features information and specifications on our patented Bottle Throttles and our patent-pending Auto-Adjust Rails. Our Bottle Throttle aides in container control while our Auto-Adjust Rails make container changeover quick and efficient.


Request a copy of Dyco’s Red Line Aluminum Table Top Bottle Conveyor Catalog to start looking for the perfect solution. Additionally, our technical sales team is standing by to assist you in finding improvements for your operation.

For products and services beyond the scope of our conveyor catalog, Dyco is your supplier of choice for high-end complex conveyor systems. We can find solutions for unique or challenging containers, touch screen controls, and system schematics. Meanwhile, if you have unique needs that require a custom conveyor solution, Dyco is your ideal partner. With a team of skilled engineers, Dyco will study your situation and recommend options that fit within your budget. Contact our technical sales team for a virtual consultation or a plant visit.