Mat-Top Conveyor

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  • Mat-Top Conveyor
  • Mass flow mat top conveyor inside of enclosure
  • Mat-top conveyer being used for oriented mass flow of small, unstable containers
  • Curved Mat Top Conveyor with end to end smooth transition plates
  • Mat-top conveyer being used for molded bottle caps
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Dyco utilizes all types and construction of Mat-top Conveyor and guide rail systems to convey all types of bottles in various ways; single file, mass flow, bundled, boxed or cased, for any type of container handling system. Dyco also offers empty, full, stand alone conveyor or fully integrated mat top conveyor accumulation tables. Dyco's mass flow mat top accumulation table conveyor provides an economical solution to the problem of moving small bottles that tend to tip over easily. Mass flow conveyors also offer increased throughput on container handling systems.

Mat top conveyors can be used in multiple different applications.  From flighted inclines of heavy product trays to oriented mass flow of bottles into a filler or other process, a Dyco Mat-top Conveyor system can help automate your facility.  This type of conveyor also complements Dyco's mini bin storage systems.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Wide range of Mat-top Conveyor belting to fit your application
  • Mat-top Conveyor is available as a stand alone component or as part of a turnkey solution
  • Wide range of construction; aluminum, painted steel, and stainless steel available

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