Flex Curve Conveyor

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  • Flex-Curve section turned to 90° angle
  • Self adjusting guiderails
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Dyco’s unique Patent Pending Flex-Curve Conveyor allows the entire conveyor to be reconfigured into any shape required, each flex-turn allows for adjustment through plus or minus 90 degrees.  It can be used to feed multiple down line points with one conveyor line, or simply for easy access in tight-space applications or when a conveyor crosses a walkway. The Flex-Curve Conveyor uses industry standard 3 ¼” and 4 ½” width tabletop chain, accommodating bottle widths from 1” to 6”.  Automatically adjusting guide rails on each section allow for a full 180° change in bottle direction without the use of tools.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Gain access through a conveyor line that previously required stairs and platforms to cross
  • Re-route a single conveyor line to multiple down line operations without the need for cumbersome gates
  • Provide a fully customizable conveyor line that can be reshaped to match almost any future application
  • Multiple, stacked sections can sweep through any angle between -180° and +180°
  • Flex-Curve can be swept through full range of motion while conveying product

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