Half High Unit Stacker

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Dyco's Half High Unit Stacker is designed to stack partial trailer height unitized loads to full trailer height for more efficient shipment and storage.  It can stack the two loads without a pallet in between, eliminating the need for a dedicated squeeze truck.  A standard fork truck is all that is needed for to transport this full height stack.  It works with many different loads such as:

- Unitized loads on a pallet to transport with a fork truck

- Unitized loads that are banded or stretch wrapped on a slip sheet to transport with a squeeze truck

- Stacking a pallet-less unit onto a unit with a pallet

- For solid or collapsible boxes and gaylords

The specially designed roller conveyer at the end has cut outs to allow the forks of a fork truck to fit underneath the completed stack for transport.  The Half High Unit Stacker also doubles as a vertical accumulator for automatic palletizing lines, increasing production capacity and speed for blowmolders and fillers alike.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Automatically stacks unitized loads for faster pallet building
  • Stacks to full trailer height to maximize shipping or storage space
  • Power motors lift and gently place stack units, preventing product damage
  • Available as a stand alone unit or integrated with other Dyco Pallet Conveyers

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