Hand Debagger with Auto-Feedbar

Let Dyco be your automation partner

  • Includes backer-bar and pressure release to auto-feed
  • Manual Debagger with auto push bar kit feeding right to left
  • Backer bar and pressure release position bottles onto the conveyer before releasing them automatically
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Dyco's Hand Debagger with Auto-Feedbar is typically used in applications for low speed lines. An operator is required to place a bundle of containers on the table and manually cut and strip the bag from the containers. A foot pedal is depressed so the Auto-Feedbar will then index the containers onto the conveyor line, allowing the operator to perform other tasks while the containers are feeding onto the line.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Allow your operator to perform other tasks while containers are feeding with an Automatic Feed Bar Kit
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing Hand Debagger
  • Available in washdown and non-washdown controls packages to fit your application

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