Inline Bottle Inverter & Rinser

  • Inline Bottle Inverter's soft side gripper chain
  • Bottle Inverting Unit
  • Inversion Infeed Conveyor
  • Bottle Rinser inverting bottles upside down for cleaning, then reorienting them right side up for filling
  • Bottle orientation is maintained through Rinser
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Dyco Bottle Inverters and Rinsers are commonly used just before fillers.  Empty bottles are taken up using a specialized soft texture chain to an ionized air blower to blow out any debris that could contaminate the product.  The rinser takes up a relatively small footprint and continuously moves bottles throughout the cleaning, maintaining line speeds.  The debris is caught onto a tray for removal at the end of the day.

Fillers benefit from a bottle rinser and inverter because they clean out debris that can come from shipping palletized bottles.  The rinser can also double as an inverter if bottles need a particular orientation for filling or other processes.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Soft texture of side gripper chain eliminates bottle deformation and damage during inversion
  • Fits into a relatively small footprint to easily integrate into a table top conveyor line
  • Moves bottles at the same line speed to maintain production speeds
  • Optional bottle inverting for changing bottle orientation
  • Optional Hand Crank system for faster production changeovers

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