Manual Box Palletizer

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  • Overview
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Dyco’s Manual Box Palletizer is designed to reduce worker fatigue and eliminate back strain injury from lifting and stacking boxes onto shipping pallets. While increasing productivity by enabling faster case stacking this low cost machine is ideal for slower packaging lines where robotic palletizers are not cost effective.  Boxes are conveyed into the manual tape station where they are vertically positioned to allow an operator to close and tape the top flaps of the box without bending over. The boxes are then easily positioned on the ball transfer table forming a layer. When a layer is complete the operator actuates the retractable roller table and the layer is stacked on the pallet or previous layer of boxes. The pallet is then lowered for the next layer to be placed.  Full pallets are removed with a pallet jack or fork truck and replaced with an empty pallet.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Reduce back strain injury
  • Easily configurable to different pack patterns
  • Easy to operate with simple controls

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