Half-High Sweep Depalletizer

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The Dyco Half-High Sweep Depalletizer is a simple, affordable method to depalletize bottles into a descrambler or into a mass flow conveyor.

Pallets are loaded onto one end of a roller pallet conveyor by a fork truck where any plastic wrapping and strapping is manually removed. The pallet is then automatically moved into the depalletizing area using pneumatic controls. The operator then moves the first array up to the exit level and manually slides the push bar across; sweeping the bottles off the stack. The slip sheet is manually removed and the process is repeated. Once the pallet is emptied, it is automatically ejected out of the bottom of the machine.

Fillers who are looking to increase their production capacity can benefit from a manual depalletizer. Dyco's Half-High Sweep Depalletizer increases throughput while minimizing the risks and costs of manual hand depalletizing.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Integrated work platform increases operator ergonomics
  • Pallet conveyer automatically moves and ejects pallets once depalletized
  • Smooth rollers and comfortable grip handle reduce operator fatigue

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