Manual Tilting Table Palletizer

Let Dyco be your palletizing solution

  • Manual Tilt Palletizer
  • Upright Manual Tilt Palletizer
  • Loading bottles into an array
  • Optional Rollers
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Improve your efficiency with a Dyco Manual Palletizer.  our tilting design allows for bottles to be stacked higher without having to get up onto a ladder or platform.

The process begins with the operator loading an empty pallet onto the pallet forks of the the upright, empty palletizer.  Using pneumatic controls, the operator then actuates the tilt mechanism to lower the entire machine back into its tilted position.  The pallet fork mechanism is then pneumatically lifted to the top of the machine.  With the pallet now at the top and the machine tilted backwards, the operator has a safe and ergonomic workplace to load bottles.  Once an array is formed and a slip sheet set on top, the operator lowers the pallet forks with the pneumatic control lever to make room for the array building process to repeat.  The Tilting Table Palletizer supports each array during palletizing and maintains a straight and square stack when complete.  Once the stack is topped off with a top frame, the operator can tilt the entire stack upright so a fork truck or pallet jack can be used to remove the completed, full trailer height, stack.

Blowmolders who are looking to increase production capacities benefit from adding a Dyco manual palletizer.  The entire unit is mounted onto casters to allow operators to relocate the machine between conveyor lines or pack-off tables if necessary.  Safety chain and fencing are included.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Tilting design allows for taller stacks of bottles to be made by hand without the expense of automated systems
  • Frame mounted casters allow for increased mobility between conveyor lines
  • Brightly colored "Safety Yellow" fencing and chain guards are included
  • Pneumatically controlled cylinders do not require electricity to operate
  • Quick-adjustable side guides to accommodate different array and pallet sizes

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