Mat-top Conveyor

  • Mat Top Box Conveyor moving boxes to a robotic cell for packing
  • Mat Top Box Conveyor as part of a Tumble Pack Box Loading line
  • Box Conveyor underneath a Tumble Pack Loader
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With fully customizable sizing, our Mat Top Conveyors can be used for a variety of tasks.  Our Mat Top Box Conveyor is designed to fully support boxes as they are being conveyed to or from a box loader station or palletizing area.  With integrated PLC controls, our Box Conveyor can be used to automate a Tumble Pack Loader for more efficient boxing of products.  Box positioning systems can also be added to accurately locate boxes for efficient bottle loading and palletization.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Fully PLC controlled conveyor
  • Can be designed for any width or length of conveyor needed
  • Available as a stand alone unit or integrated with other Dyco products
  • Optional dust cover to protect contents of box from dust accumulation

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