Mega-Bin Bulk Bottle Storage System

Dyco is the innovator in equipment design and fabrication

  • Side view of Mega-Bin Storage Units
  • Floor View of Mega-Bin Storage
  • Ceiling View of Mega-Bin Storage System
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Dyco Mega-Bin Storage Systems maintain your usable floor space; their tall height and small footprint makes for efficient use of space when storing your product.  Bottles are conveyed up to ceiling level and distributed into the bins via Dyco’s preprogrammed PLC gating system.  The system automatically diverts the flow of bottles towards empty bins.  When the downstream process is ready for product, the bins will automatically discharge the bottles out and move them downline.  The system can be optimized to meet your bottle, line speed, and accumulation specifications.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Automated door system allows for precision unloading on a mass flow conveyor
  • Food safe, FDA approved polymer walls protect and contain bottles
  • Automated, PLC controlled feeding system optimizes storage and downline feeding
  • Access panels and viewing ports allow monitoring of bottles as they are loaded and unloaded

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