Mini-Bin Bulk Bottle Storage System

Supplement your production without consumables!

  • mini bins bulk storage
  • Mini-Bin Feed Hopper
  • Multiple Bin Storage
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If you blowmold or fill small containers, such as pint or quart plastic bottles, ask about Dyco's newly designed and implemented Mini-Bin Bulk Storage and retrieval System. Bottles are fed into and stored in mobile bulk storage bins from a blowmolder, these mini-bins are then easily moved around on their integrated casters and stored in a warehouse or shipped to another facility for filling. When the containers are required for filling, a bin is pushed into position, attached to a specialized elevator, and conveyed into an descrambler. Once again, take advantage of our innovative and cost effective design. The Mini Bin Bulk Storage System minimizes the labor associated with unloading containers into a descrambler and consumes no materials such as plastic film or banding used in other shipping or storage methods. Dyco always the innovator, providing new ideas and solutions in plastic container handling.

Why Choose Dyco
  • The Mini-Bin Bulk Storage System eliminates the cost associated with materials such as corrugated boxes, plastic film and banding consumed in other shipping or storage methods
  • Minimizes the labor and time associated with hand loading bottles for orientation
  • Washable bulk bottle bin
  • Constructed with FDA approved plastic sheets
  • Stainless steel framework on caster wheels

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