Mobile Label Storage Cart

Dyco is always the innovator

  • Splash curtain helps protect labels in a wash-down area
  • Handles mounted to sides to better maneuver in tight spaces
  • Overview of the Mobile Label Cart
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Dyco’s Mobile Label Cart is typically used to transport and store labels in the filling room.  The rugged stainless steel construction is ideal for the harsh wash-down environment of this area.  A curtain is built into the front of the cart to prevent the labels from being damaged by the water and chemicals of wash down environments.  Our standard model holds 12, 8 inch diameter rolls, but can be custom built for any sized roll needed.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Standard roll capability: 12 rolls, 8” diameter by 18” deep
  • Standard cart dimension: 48” wide x 24” deep x 65” tall
  • Castors allow easy transport of large quantity of label rolls
  • Includes front splash curtain

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