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Pallet Conveyor

Dyco’s expertise in conveyor does not end with plastic containers. The highly flexible, heavy duty design of our Pallet Conveyors are suited to a wide range of applications, including the conveying of less stable pallets. Explore our diverse product offerings and contact us to discuss which configuration will work best with your application.

Pallet Conveyor Options

Drag Chain Conveyor

Dyco’s Drag Chain conveying systems offer a highly flexible, heavy-duty design suited to a wide range of applications, including the conveying of less stable pallets.

  • Triple Drag Chain available for full pallets with unstable loads
  • Lifter/Rotators an ideal option for pallets that require 4-way banding and re-orienting
  • Pop-up Transfer option for transferring pallets from drag chain to roller conveyor
  • Can be customized for any pallet size

Roller Conveyor

Dyco offers a variety of Roller Conveyor options to fit the needs of your operation including driven roller conveyor, gravity rollers, pop-up transfers and turntable transfers.

  • Available as an integrated or stand-alone unit
  • Available as a driven or gravity roller
  • Lifter/Rotator option for pallet-less loads that require 4-way banding

Mat Top Pallet Conveyor

Our Mat Top Pallet Conveyor is the perfect solution for transporting pallet-less loads, such as unitized box stacks, to down-line processes without the need of a dedicated squeeze truck. .

  • Replaceable chain links for easy maintenance
  • Moves boxes into position for banding or stretch wrapping after stacking or palletizing
  • Banding operations and stretch wrappers can be incorporated for a fully automated, turnkey solution

Pallet Transfer Carts

Our Pallet Transfer Carts for unit loads provide an economical and innovative means to shuttle palletized loads and have integrated and redundant safety sensors to provide a reliable and safe operation that does not interrupt product flow.

  • In-ground or above-ground tracks available
  • Allow for both operator and forklift access to palletizers or associated equipment while maintaining the system’s handling of unit loads between location

Half-High Pallet or Tote Stacker

For operations looking to eliminate the need for a dedicated squeeze truck, the Half-High Pallet or Tote Stacker is the ideal solution, with its ability to stack two loads without a pallet in between.

  • Doubles as a vertical accumulator for automatic palletizing lines
  • Works with many different types of loads
  • Designed to stack partial trailer height unitized loads to full trailer height for more efficient shipment and storage

Pallet Dispenser

Dyco’s Pallet Dispensers are designed to handle all standard pallet sizes and can be modified to accommodate custom pallet loading.

  • Includes 20+ pallet magazine which is easily accessible from all sides, cutting down on operator loading time
  • One of the safest pallet dispensers on the market with full guarding and a light curtain for safe operation
  • Open loading design allows for easy access and forklift removal of top pallets to clear a jam from a broken board