PET Bottle Pre-form Soft-Set Dumper

Dyco, your automation partner!

  • Full length conveyor from Husky molder to dump height
  • Catch bucket that gently places preforms when full
  • Precision PLC controlled with Variable Frequency Drives.
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The equipment will accept bulk preforms from a customer supplied floor level conveyor, elevate them overhead, catch them in a holding tray, descend into an operator loaded gaylord to the current level and open the holding tray to gently place the preforms into the gaylord. System minimizes pre-form damage leading to PET bottle production problems.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Preforms are fed automatically into the elevator
  • Preforms are elevated on a flighted conveyor overhead to feed a holding tray
  • Input required from molder to determine actual dump frequencies to ensure smooth product transfer
  • Once the holding tray catches the preforms, it will descend into a gaylord to the current high level and gently place the preforms into the gaylord
  • A stack light will alert the operator when the gaylord is full and ready for a new gaylord to be put in position
  • Programmable to change load counts as needed

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